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The ThinkPlus journal creating smarter, more confident

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It’s easy to use


It helps your child learn to learn.

By developing emotional resilience, your child learns that being wrong is not necessarily wrong. The program helps students develop the emotional resilience which supports their ability to learn from errors, to pick themselves up and try again. To be comfortable with uncertainty. To keep trying until they succeed.

Based on the latest scientific evidence.

This journal has been created by educators, based on emerging scientific findings in neuroplasticity, neuroscience and metacognition. The science has been tested, refined and proven in classrooms to build emotional resilience, confidence and to make kids emotionally, socially and intellectually successful.

The secret is guided journaling

The journal provides prompts which help children reflect on their experiences. By thinking through their emotional responses to various situations, by writing about how they think, and being prompted to consider other perspectives, they explore new paths and develop a growth mindset. They teach themselves how to learn.

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How do I use it?

It is a journal designed to be easily used by children.

Through simple steps, it helps your child learn about the key aspects of learning. How the mind works. How learning happens. How they can use this to grow their emotional resilience, develop a growth mindset, harness STEM deep learning processes including mathematical mindsets to become better learners.

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There are no right or wrong answers

The journal helps your child understand how they learn. And helps them want to learn more. Each page provides a prompt for either thinking about an aspect of learning or asks the child to reflect on their experience of a situation or a lesson from class.

This gives them the best opportunity to become successful – however they choose to define success.

It can be used by your child on their own - or with the guidance and support of an adult.

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